Beginning With a Secretary

(#2 5/15/2012)

Officially, this woman’s missing, but she’s dead. I recorded her death so I can replay this moment as often as I want.

I’ve worked with her for awhile and she was always condescending to me, thinking she’s better than me. But she wasn’t. I’m the one with the college degree. I’m the one who gets paid more. I’m not the one who breaks down every time some guy dumps her. I don’t understand crying. It’s such a pathetic thing to do. Just get over it!

She’s annoyed me for years, but it was only after the biker that I realized I didn’t need to deal with her.

She’s always the last one out of the building, so I knew I could catch her alone. I waited for her in the parking lot and stabbed her. The blood felt nice on my hands. I kept stabbing her until long after she stopped screaming. I really liked hearing her scream.

Death 1 Death 2 Death 3 Death 4


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