Body Disposal

(#6 6/29/2012)

The police can’t catch me because there really isn’t any evidence. I burn the clothes I wear, and I’ve been good about cleaning up the blood. For the secretary, I managed to bleach away most of the stuff on the ground, and for the intern, I dug up the blood-stained grass and took it home.

Then get rid of the bodies. I’m not stupid enough to push them into a river or to bury them in my backyard. Instead, I cut them up, put the meat through a blender and then throw them away in various garbage cans and dumpsters across the city. It’s a relatively long process, and my house smells horrible, but it’s worth the freedom I have.




(#3 5/23/2012)

Because she went missing, there’s been a police investigation about the secretary. Everyone in the office was questioned. Then  they questioned me again this morning (or maybe it was yesterday?) because they knew I was the last one out of the office before her. They talked to me for over an hour. I was surprised at how calm I was. I knew they couldn’t tie it all back to me. I doubt if they’ll ever even know she was murdered. I was careful to clean everything up and get rid of the body. I even burned the clothes I was wearing that day. It’s sad, really. I was wearing one of my favorite shirts.

I have a fire-pit in my backyard. That's where I burned the evidence.

I have a fire-pit in my backyard. That’s where I burned the evidence.